Why blogging is hard

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Hey guys! I've been blogging for about a year and it's been a great year. I have learned more than I thought I would learn starting this blog. I know so much about blogging, social media, influencers, and etcetera. But with all this wealth of knowledge, it can be easy to know it but hard to actually do it. And with all the crazy things happening in the blogosphere, it can become quite daunting. At some points I know I was confused as to why am I even doing this. But then I would read about someone who inspires or meet a great group of girls and guys. I know so many people want to start blogs but don't know if they should or what they have to do, to actually start the dang thing. Well, I'm giving my little bit of why I think blogging is hard. First, it takes over your thoughts

Before blogging my life was all about work, my family, my pup, and food. Oh and friends!  Then once I hit submit on my first blog post I was in it. Every free thought was about oh that could be a great blog post, or how do I create an awesome graphic for my blog and etcetera. I promise you the notes section of your phone will be filled with random thoughts that come to you while you're at work, walking to the store, eating lunch, or using the bathroom.(we all do it). But its wonderful because I felt like I had my thing, I was no longer just the nice bubbly girl who was obsessed with food and work. I was the girl who was obsessed with food and blogging.

Second, you feel you're not good enough

It may just be me and a million other girls. But I was so happy to start my blog. I was already following a few blogs, but I was never jealous of them of felt I was not good enough. Boy did that change. Next thing I knew I was not publishing content afraid my thoughts and opinions were not as good as the girls I found on Instagram.

Third, your S.O. may not get it

My fiance doesn't really read my blog and that's fine, he's not my target audience. But he supports it. He always takes my photos for me and supports me when I tell him, I'm, about to meet a group of girls I met online. He gets it because he's online too. And if your significant other doesn't get it, keep doing it, eventually, they will catch on.

Last but not least, It will be like a second job

You are going to be working on it at least 5 hours a week. You are going to have to spend money on it if you're serious about it. But mainly you're going to love it. Making new friends touching lives and finding something that literally brings you joy is the best thing about blogging. No matter how many times you may fall off, if it keeps coming back to you never give up on your passion.

Thank you so much for reading on why blogging is hard and totally worth it. Id love to hear anyone else reasons on why they blog or have continued to stick with blogging.


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