Weekend Trip to NYC

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of embarking on my first mom and daughter trip to the Big Apple aka NYC. It's only fitting as this is my Mom's 25 year of being my mom. We flew Delta Airlines, definitely not United(haha)even though I hear they are offering up to $10,000 to any passenger in the case of an overbooked flight.

Upon arriving in the city that never sleeps we arrived at the Park Central Hotel at 10:30 am ish our room wasn't going to be ready until later that afternoon. So to the City.

Here's our Hotel:

Park Central Hotel


Park Central Hotel

Park Central Hotel

We originally had a plan to see the statue of liberty, empire state building and possibly a museum. We ended up only seeing the Empire State Building in the rain and cold.We tried getting to the statue of liberty twice, but like life, it didn't work out the way we wanted.

The view from the tip top of the Empire State Building.

Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building  Empire State Building


One of my favorite parts of NYC is Chinatown, and apparently, my mom's too. While in Chinatown we stumbled into a Korean restaurant called To Two Boonsik. It was delicious and reasonably priced. We also got some bubble tea, and gelato from little Italy as well.

To Two Boonsik

To Two Boonsik


Later that night we went to Times Square to do touristy things like take pictures and eat deliciously overpriced tacos.

Time Square


I saw my first Broadway play! It was called Natasha, Pierre and the great comet of 1812. I highly recommend it. Josh Groban is in it and obviously, he sang just perfect. The play wasn't what I was expecting it was unique and interactive. This was such a vibrant play, that I was shocked and pleased the entire time.


Since our hotel was so close to Central Park we took a brief stroll, it was too cold to walk for too long and ended up walking to a Thai restaurant near our hotel. The food was amazing the service was eh.

Central ParkCentral Park


New york is freaking amazing obviously. We did touristy things. And we ate tacos, Thai food, andKorean food mostly. It was also was very rainy and cold:( Taxi drivers are rude in NYC, thank you Lyft for coming to our aide. And I had a lot of fun with my favorite Mom!