Virtual Vision Board


With Spring brings the opportunity for new beginnings and new goals. Every spring I re-evaluate my goals I initially set in January and see how many I've hit and how I can change them to better suit myself at this point in time. My big picture goals stay the same for the most point, but with every season the steps I take to reach them are ever changing usually for the better, but not always. Hey, I'm only human I can't be perfect, and I never try anyway. I thought I should make a Vision Board to see my goals, unfortunately, I don't have any supplies, so I thought why not make one digitally. For those of you who don't feel like making actually physical vision board here's my take on vision boards virtually!


Virtual Vision Board Idea #1


Back in the day, Pinterest was everyone's dream of finding ways to be creative, without having to creative yourself. Now I see it as a Virtual Vision Board. Make a board with all the things you want to see culminate this year, this month or later down the road. Here check out my Virtual Vision Board I made for inspo.

Virtual Vision Board Idea #2


I struggle to stay on task with my goals. So a great way is to post to FaceBook. Let's say you want to save 1,000 in six months. Tell your facebook family and friends and update them, so they can hold you accountable. Update monthly with your progress of how you are doing. you never know but people will be watching especially your parents(at least mine would).

Virtual Vision Board Idea #3

Word, Publisher, Paint, Picmonkey

If you are like me then you have no physical pictures, printer or feel like buying a poster board, maybe make one on your computer with what you have. Peruse the internet to find great acclamation words, inspirational quotes and photos you like and organize them on Word, Publisher, Paint, Photoshop( i don't have photoshop yet, I'm too cheap), Canva, or Picmonkey.

Hey, hope you are inspired to make your own Virtual vision board for all you who don't have time,  money or patience to make one physically.