Spring Forward in Criss Cross Tops


Does it feel like Spring? Maybe just a tad I'm not too sure. Well, it is almost here!

Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year, in college I knew it was approaching spring when everyone was outside playing frisbee or catch or when all the fraternities blasted music on my walk back to my dorm. Anyway, that's in the past.

Spring is amazing because all winter we were bundled up in a cocoon now we can emerge like the beautiful butterflies that we are and flutter our wings and fly.

Onto the real reason for this blog post, I have been wanting to do a review on this amazing top I purchased from my friend Emily, she has her own online boutique which features affordable trendy styles. I bought this a few weeks ago on her 1 year anniversary of having her boutique. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful blues and the Crisscross opening.

When I received my package it came with a free pair of white druzy earrings(i wear them every day now) and a thank you card and what I assume is a business flyer, all in all, it is phenomenal branding. I got a size medium and it fits perfectly. I will definitely be wearing it more now that the weather should be getting warmer.

Spring Dixie mixed print top

Spring Dixie mixed print top

Spring Dixie mixed print top


Unfortunately, this top is sold out but there are more amazing items you can find at the HiddenGem.