Wedding Perfect Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Wedding Perfect Teeth with Smile Brilliant.png

As many of you know I'm getting married and having pearly white teeth is

something I'd love to show through my photos. Which is why I’m debuting why

Smile Brilliant is the perfect at home teeth whitening for my budding brides and

grooms! Keep reading for a Giveaway!



I have wanted to get my teeth whitened ever since I had my braces removed in

2015. Unfortunately, I could not afford the price it costs to get them professionally

whiten at my dentist. I tried teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpaste and

none of that seemed to work for me at all. Which is why I was so excited to try

Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening. I had heard such great things about it and

was excited to try it out myself.


I'll have to be frank I was a bit nervous to try it as I’m so weird about my mouth. I

hate going to the dentist/orthodontist so much. And when my braces finally did

come off I barely wore my retainer because it made me uncomfortable, which

caused my teeth to shift. Which sadly I might need braces again. But anyway my

experience with Smile Brilliant was great. Once I received my package it included

everything I needed, to have a successful at home teeth whitening experience.

rat teeth.jpg




So Let's dive into the steps I took!


The first step was to create the dental impressions. Which honestly was exciting to

do it myself. If you've ever had braces you know that you constantly have to get

impressions and those were not my favorite. But this one was not so bad. i think it

was better because I was in control! It took me to tries because my first impression

wasn't the best, luckily they include a sheet on how to make sure your impressions

are good enough so that they can create the perfect trays.


Next I sent in my impressions in a pre paid envelope that was included and I

received my trays about a week later. They fit perfectly and I honestly was

surprised. I began the treatment a few days later. I was nervous, as I know I have

cavities and a lot of sensitivity. But once I tried it, I didn't feel any sensitivity. I

only left them in for the minimum requirement of 45 minutes and followed up with

a desensitizing gel which was amazing. I didn't really need to use the desensitizing

gel much which i happily surprised about.

I noticed my teeth looked better after a few sessions and was impressed. I

, unfortunately, may have messed up my results due to my obsession of tea. They

recommend you refrain from drinking tea. But I just could not kick it.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially anyone engaged who

wants a good quality teeth whitening system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and

something that can be done while watching TV or writing a blog post. If you are

still on edge here is my top 5 reasons why you need Smile Brilliant at home teeth


1. Works well for people with sensitive Teeth

2. Easy to use

3. Results are almost instant

4. Perfect fit to your teeth

5. Way cheaper than going to your dentist

6. Will make you want to take better care of your teeth


So you made it through the entire post and made it to the best part, THE


I’m so happy to be giving away one to one lucky reader! All you need to do is

enter the giveaway here or go to the Giveaway link: !

If you want to go ahead and buy one yourself, use the coupon code: bubblynoel15 for 15%

Hurry Up Giveaway ends Sunday at Midnight!

Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions!


Be Bubbly!


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