No bridesmaids, No problem


It's every girl's dream to have the best wedding ever! DJ check, cake check, open bar check, maid of honor?

You may be thinking wow how do I not have that one friend who I would want to be my Maid of Honor well sadly you're not alone. When I got engaged almost a year ago:) I thought to myself hmm.. there is no one I can think of for the role of being my MOH. Initially, it made me a bit upset but I got over it.

Anyway here are five other options instead of having a maid of honor.


Ask you gal pals to be your bridesmaids and have each one help out in different aspects. Usually, when you have a maid of honor that person is supposed to take a load off your shoulders and help delegate the small tasks to the other bridesmaids. But why not be in more control and delegate them yourself. Or hire a Wedding Coordinator who can literally handle everything.


Who needs bridesmaids anyway. If you don't feel that you don't have anyone close enough to even be your bridesmaid then go without. Getting married is supposed to be about you and your beau. even though people swear weddings are for the family, then if that's the case why do the bride and groom do all the planning. The wedding is about two people coming together as one and sharing that moment with those they love.


Have someone in your family be your bridesmaid. My friend Ashley had only her family in her wedding party, which I think is sweet and makes it very memorable. I could tell she is very close with her family and that was really special to see. Sometimes it's better to have your family because you will never know if years down the road you won't be friends with the people in your wedding party. And it could be awkward to look back at those photos.


If you decided to go sands any bridesmaid, now you don't have to figure out what you want them to wear or worry about if they will get the right color dress. Also less drama over money. Being a bridesmaid is no cheap job as we have all seen in the movie bridesmaid. If a bridesmaid is low on funds it could really put a damper on your planning having to work around their budget. Just one less thing to worry about.


Grab a margarita or bottle of wine, sit back and relax. you are getting married to the man or woman of your dreams!( lets hope) And when the going gets tough remember weddings don't have to be what we see on tv or what we have heard how it's supposed to be. It can be whatever you want it to be. That is the beauty of living in 2017, things have changed. Happy Wedding planning and remember whatever you do for your wedding remember it's your day and no one else opinion matter. Well unless they are footing the bill then their opinion matters a little bit.


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