First week in Chicago

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Guys, I made it through my first week in Chicago. Pop the bubbly, because this girl is now a true city girl. If you didnt know I moved to Chicago check out my previous blog post here. Last Saturday I sold my car, packed up the budget truck with all my crap and headed to Chicago with my future husband and my dog. Let me tell you it was no easy day. The day was off to a rocky start due to the fact that I was supposed to sell my car Friday night, but couldn't because my dad was on the title as well. It took us 6 hours total to pack up my stuff and my fiance's  stuff. We didn't arrive in the city until 9:30 pm, yeah with a large moving truck and a whiny dog. Luckily I knew about this app that will provide you with movers, it's kind of like Uber for moving. The app is Dolly. And let me tell you those two guys who showed up to help us unload were literal definition of Superman. With their help, we moved everything in, in under an hour. My mind was blown and my pockets were empty because I tipped them so well.

So like I said it has been 7 whole days since I moved to the lovely neighborhood of wicker park/noble square. We are like on the outskirts of both wicker part and noble square. But I just say we live in wicker park. This week has consisted of me unpacking(barely) working from home, job interviews, and figuring out the train system aka the "L". I never have to worry about having to leave my car anywhere because I'm too drunk because I don't have a car.  I also managed to squeeze in a social event. I attended a SHOPBUZZED event. I have been following them on Instagram for the past few months and totally in awe of their business and how they believe in #collaborationovercompetition. Anyway, the event was held at the Otto Mezzo bar(It gave serious Gatsby vibes) in Chicago, the event included 6 amazing vendors. I ultimately ended up only buying one thing. Hey, I just moved my cash flow is kinda low. I bought a t-shirt from Chloe's Cravings one of the co owners of Shopbuzzed, she has her own tee shirt business. It's totally casual and aesthetic af.  I managed to make a couple of friends(i think) with two sisters.

I also managed to attend the Renegade Craft fair, which was amazing. It had a lot of handmade products by independent businesses. I opted to just buy a delicious piece of praline sweet potato pie. It was so delicious. I washed it down with an almond horchata drink!

So like most of my blog posts, I am making a list because I love lists.

I thought I'd do 7 things I have learned from moving from Indianapolis to Chicago.

1.  Have 2 - 3 people help you move. It was just me and my fiance and we were so tired by the end of the day.

2. Hire movers from Dolly. You can hire people for a time period which is the easiest option in my opinion.

3. There are a lot of food places. I knew this but I have to stop myself from eating out every day.

4. You really do not need a car. I have been careless for 1 week and I have been pretty okay without it, we will see how I feel once winter comes.

5. This goes along with #4 but parking is a bear. My fiance had his car here for a month and he had to keep up with trying to move his car due to street cleaning. He already received a ticket because he didn't move his car for street cleaning. It was too much of a hassle that we both decided to go sans car.

6. The walk score is amazing. Well at least in wicker park it is. I can walk to grocery stores, tons of restaurants, and gyms. I have never been so close to so many different places that I can walk to.

7. Last but not least, living in the city is the best. I finally live in a city where everything is here.

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