Fabfan Friday #2


Hey, hope everyone had a great week! Here the second edition of Fabfan.  

1.Dear White People

I have been waiting for this show to come out for so long. I really enjoyed the movie, and am happy to see more shows that represent people similar to me.

2. 360 Wigs

I love my natural hair, but sometimes you just want to take a break and just wake up with perfect hair. I have been researching non-stop to find a good company. The reason I'm looking for a 360 Wig is that it has lace around the perimeter of the head for a natural look if you want to pull it up in a ponytail. So far I like WowAfrican, which I have bought from before(great hair) and OMGQueenhair which I haven't bought from before but am seriously thinking about it due to their more affordable price.

3. Soft Black Girls

I recently came across this magical website called Adorned by Chi thanks to the Instagram gods and decided to join her Facebook group full of beautiful soft black girls. And even though we are all weird and different I have never felt so happy to see that there are other girls like me. Check out Adorned by Chi online store full of cutesy and awesome finds, I plan on buying a shirt from her online store very soon.

4. Podcasts

I recently realized podcasts are great to listen to. My new job requires me to drive a lot and listening to music gets tiresome. But listening to Podcasts are much more interesting and stimulating in my opinion, especially for a long drive. I've been listening to NPR, Black Girl Boss Podcast, and Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci. Go check them out, or find ones you might like!