What I've learned from being engaged for a year

1 year engaged (1).png

Hey Everyone, I still can't believe I'm engaged to my best friend! Especially since we have passed the one year mark of being engaged. Last Saturday(7/8/17) marked our one-year anniversary of being engaged to each other.

I can't believe a year ago from today I was getting off from a stressful day at work with no idea that I would be engaged by the end of the night! I was really glad it happened that day because later that night we had plans to meet my brother for dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant.

Since I have been engaged for a year there are a few things I wished I knew. So I will be sharing a few things I wished I knew in the beginning with you all.


It’s okay to have a long engagement

I initially thought we had to be married within the year. Honestly, I was just watching everyone else and not thinking for myself. Sometimes it takes a year, a few months or 5 years for some couples to actually get married. If that is the person you love, time should not be a factor. Just do what is best for you.

 Book a wedding coordinator

I have not booked a wedding coordinator yet. I do plan on booking one as soon as I get a venue and more details for our wedding lined up. I’m a DIY type of girl, always have been my whole life. I’m usually thinking that I can make something instead of buying it. But on my big day, I don’t want to have to deal with all the minutiae details. I want to be able to hand it all over to my coordinator. Which is why I plan on hiring just a day of coordinator or Month of Coordinator for our wedding. I urge everyone to hire a coordinator for their wedding. You don’t want to have to deal with any mishaps that may arise and you can rest assured it is being handles by your coordinator.

It's okay not to have anything planned

We have an ideal date but nothing has been booked yet. It stresses me out that we haven’t booked the venue yet, but it will come. If you’re currently looking at venues I do have a post on what you should look for when wedding venue shopping here.

It is okay to feel confused

You may have been pining to be engaged for a while and now that it is here, you may be having pre-wedding cold feet. I get it! You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, and now you may be worried if it will last. Everyone has these feelings. I’ve never even lived with my fiancé before. But if we continue to communicate with each other, I have a feeling everything will be ok.

Fiancé still sounds weird

I have an earlier post where I explain 5 Things no one tells you about being engaged that you can check out here. It has been a whole year and it still feels weird saying it. I always accidentally say boyfriend instead of fiance. He was my boyfriend for almost 8 years, so you can see how it was difficult for me to automatically switch to calling him my fiance. I do have a question about relationship titles. Why is it that when your’e engaged its the same title? Such as before we were engaged I was his girlfriend and he was my boyfriend. Now we both call each other fiance, but then once we are married it’ll be different again. Does anyone know the history of fiancé?

Perfection doesn’t exist

I’m not a perfectionist, but strangely when I started planning I became a perfectionist. I wanted everything to be perfect and within the budget. I got so worried about money and my vision to have the perfect whimsical rustic wedding that I became stressed. So I had to step back and remove myself and take a second to breathe. Now I’m taking things as they come and trying not to stress the details too much. Because a wedding is only just a day. I should be spending more time on building a long lasting marriage.

If you have any wedding planning questions, I would be happy to answer as best I can. I’m no pro, but I have done too much research. Also for those already married what’s one advice you would tell yourself during the wedding planning process?