Basic Fall Weather


If you are like me then you love when you feel the first fall breeze, and you immediately think riding boots, long strolls through the park and pumpkin spiced everything. I have decided to compile my most favorite things about fall, and what you can and should do this fall. 4 Things to do this fall, that you probably do every year.

1. Corn maze

It may be a bit too early for this, but I love the corn maze. the one i would go to also had a pumpkin patch and a haunted maze!!! Grab your a few friends and go explore a corn maze and see if you can make it out. Make it a game and try to make it out in an hour. Or make it a date night with hot chocolates and go later at night to have a great night of talking and trying to figure you're way through the maze.

2. Trails, Parks, and Paths O My..

I have always loved a great walk. I think it was all the evening walks I took with my family after dinner that got me hooked. I live in Indy so I love the Monon trail. The great thing about the Monon is that it literally runs through the entire city of Indianapolis so no matter where you are you should be able to hop on and enjoy a nice scenic route.

3. Pumpkin everything

If you knew me say about 4 years ago, I wouldn't care or even believe the hype of pumpkin flavored anything. I think it happened when I tasted pumpkin flavored cookies, and I fell in love. Quick backstory I had never really had anything pumpkin flavored before, my family is from the south and for thanksgiving we make sweet potato pies not pumpkin pies. So while out at the grocery store pick up a few pumpkin flavored like pumpkin flavored toaster strudels or candles, I did. Oh I almost forgot Starbucks has started selling PSL, basic girls everywhere rejoice!!

4. Shopping

If you're like me you love to shop, but cant do it as much due to priorities i.e bills, Netflix binge watching, waiting to trim down a few sizes.

So heres 4 fall staples I think every woman should have or aspire to have. You can never go wrong with a great black bootie to go with anything from jeans to dresses and cardigans. I also have a huge obsession with the color mahogany which is why i picked a mahogany kate spade cedar street maise which i have one in a different color i cant think of at the moment. Enjoy


Black pair of Booties//Sweaters//Long sleeves T-shirt dress //Handbag