A Bridal Shower story...



Well two weekends was one of the best weekends I have had in awhile. Mainly because I got to see an old friend that at one point in my life I considered my best friend. I can remember the first time I met her. Even though, I thought she was mean, I guess it was because she was tall. Turns out I was going to the be hero in this chapter in my life. I remember standing up for her when a girl called her excuse my language a "bitch." If you know me, I hate when people pick on other people. So I stood up for her and we immediately became Best friends. Now, back to the best weekend I have had in awhile.

When I first saw my old best friend after 10 years, I knew what she looked like thanks to facebook. But when I hug her I initially wanted to cry because I was overcome with so much emotion, because it 's been so long. Its nice to know that her getting Married is what brought us together. It just brings another great thing for me to love about weddings they bring people together.


Anyway, it was great to be one of the first guest, i was able to help organize and set up everything and see her bridal shower come to life. It was one of the most beautiful thoughtfully planned out bridal showers I have ever been to. (side note: this is my first one). There was enough food to feed the masses. Everything was wonderful and I felt like I was family.

My favorite game of the bridal shower was where we had to tie an empty tissue box filled with 5 ping pong balls around our waist. The object of the game was to get all the ping pong balls out of the box by shaking your hips. The game was a hit in my opinion.

The weekend ended, and then I had to be on my way back to good ol' Indy. It was sad to have to say goodbye mainly because it was such a fun filled weekend filled with enough laughs and food to last me a bit. It was great to catch up with my old time bestie, and to share some old inside jokes from our preteen years. It was somewhat strange since the last time we spoke we were teens so the conversation was obviously different but it felt good to catch up. Nonetheless I don't think we could be best friends, but definitely friends again as long as we stay in touch.