How to start a lifestyle blog.


This Post may contain affiliate links. It is unbelievable the number of people blogging these days! Especially regular people like me, lol! I have read that its never too late to start a blog even a successful blog, as long as you have a passion and ambition to get it starting. But l bet you have no idea how to start your blog.

Whether you want to blog for a hobby or to blog to full-time income. I'm here to show you exactly I how I created my blog in less than ten minutes in 7 easy steps.

Step 1. Sign up for Bluehostbluehost

Why Bluehost, because out of all the research I did, it seemed liked the most successful bloggers recommend Bluehost the most. And you also might be saying can't I just sign up for a free website, and yes you most definitely can. But if you want your blog to make any income you should self-host on a platform like Bluehost. Hosting means you in a sense own the content that you push out and it is much easier to make money hosting, versus using a free platform where the site owns your content.

There are 3 plans to choose from I chose the basic plan mainly because I'm just starting out.

Step 2. Choose a Free domain name

Bluehost gives you the option to choose a Free domain name, or use and existing one. If by chance you are struggling with coming up with a name, a pop-up should appear where you can choose a domain name later, they will give you a credit.


Step 3. Fill Out Account/Package Information

This step is pretty self-explanatory. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

bluehost bluehost bluehost

Step 4. Install Wordpress

You will create a password and then be able to login to your new Bluehost account. Then after you log in you will be on the homepage where you will finally download Wordpress.

You will clink on the orange icon labeled "Install Wordpress", located under website. Then on the next screen, you will need to click start.


Step 5. Finishing Touches

Next, it will have you fill out your domain name and site information, then you will have an admin URL and username and password and will be able to log into it.

The admin login page will look like this


Step 6. Pick a theme

You can choose from the numerous free and paid themes on the marketplace, or you can use the theme I am currently using. And the best part is it is only $22 bucks.

Step 7. Catch Emails  

Why not kill two birds with one stone. Get an email list. I use MailChimp because it's free. Once my blog grows more I will upgrade maybe to Convertkit I hear way too many good things about it. But for now, Mailchimp will suffice if you are on a budget.

*I would be glad to answer any questions if you get stumped during the process. Happy blog making.


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