20 somethings guide to living alone


So I have been successfully living alone for the past year and a half! Most people assume I live with my Fiance, well I don't at least not yet.  I made the conscious decision to live alone after I had a not so pleasant experience living with an old friend, in the end I lost a friend and all hope in having a roommate ever again. This is my guide to living alone in your 20s. Choose a place where you will feel safe coming home at 2 am in the morning or walking your dog at 2 am in the morning. I live downtown which is notorious for being unsafe for a woman to living along. I managed to pick a residential neighborhood full of rich yuppies with a random 100-year-old apartment building smacked dab in the middle of it. Maybe that's why the house across the street has not sold yet.

Always let someone know when you're coming and going. When I was in high school I hated telling my mom where I was going, because It was none of her business. Well actually it was, and I know she just wanted me to be safe. Now as a mid 20something living alone, there is no one waiting for you to come home, so no one will notice is you show up missing. Which is why I stay in contact with my fiance, and tell him what im doing almost all the time. Another great hack is to download find my friends and have someone you trust to know where you are by tracking your phone. It sounds stalkerish but it could save your life, so your welcome.

Adopt a Pet. Im going to get real with yall and saying living alone can get crazy lonely and boring. So adopting a pet seems like the obvious choice, whether its a dog(my personal fav), cat or iguana, they make you feel less alone. Side note: you still are alone but you have a trusty sidekick who willl love you for infinity and beyond, like way beyond. I have been blessed to have a loving 9 year old yorkie. Dont get a yorkie unless youre prepared to live with a very hyper needy dog. But I love him anyway. If you have a busy lifestyle the best bet is a cat they usually can take care of themselves and dont require as much attention as dogs do.

Have fun living alone. Since you dont have to worry about a roommate or partner anything you do in your place is your decision. So walk around pantless! Decorate your living room the way you want to. And watch as much Netflix as humanly possible! You will eventually maybe