5 things no one tells you about being engaged


So funny thing is I've been engaged for about 8 months now, and I have barely scratched the surface of wedding planning. Why? Well at first I immediately started planning but then my fiance and I decided to wait another year so I have plenty to time to plan. But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged. But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged.

  1. Once you have changed your status to engaged on Facebook, it knows, because every ad will be wedding focused. And it will be annoying yet great because you'll probably find some great things or just be overwhelmed with wedding ads.
  2.  Everyone will ask how your fiance proposed. I had a very private spur of the moment engagement. I'm terrible at telling the story because I was so emotional during the proposal. It happened so fast all I can remember is he asked me and I cried a lot. So be prepared to retell it over and over again.
  3. Everyone asks when's the wedding. I didn't realize this would be the number one question we would get asked. I'm sorry yesterday I had no idea that I would be engaged today, or if I were going to get Chipotle or Qdoba for dinner.
  4. Paying for a wedding. I cringe when I spend $10 at Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich and grande strawberry acai with light ice. How am I supposed to be able to afford a wedding? More on that in a later post about how to save for a wedding.
  5. Saying, Fiance, is strange and weird and I will probably never get over it. It has been 8 whole months since I have been engaged and it is still a little weird to say. Maybe it's harder for me since I've dated my fiance for 8 years before getting engaged. Don't expect it to be easy to go from boyfriend to fiance, let's hope the transition to husband is less weird.

Congratulations to all the engaged couples and future engaged couples this is literally the happiest and most stressful times of your lives. I had to keep it real for ya on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and happy future wedded bliss!