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Happy New Year! Are you ready to tackle your Social Media Goals for this year?

If you're like me you love social media, but maybe you weren't always staying up to date on posting on your social media sites. Its okay it happens to all of us. Seriously all of us. I'm throwing out 3 actionable tips to help you stay on task and essential grow your accounts.

Everyone scream Yay!

Find your Brand.

A quick way to explain your brand is, remember back in middle school there was always the one kid who was the class clown. Everyone always knew that person would make a joke at the most inappropriate times and always cracking the whole the class. Therefore they were branded as the class clown. Now hold up, I'm not telling you to be a clown online unless you want to, that's up to you. I'm saying essentially find your voice. Make it easy for people to pick you out of a lineup. Also don't feel like once you've found your brand you have to stick with it forever. Life is all about reinventing yourself.  Here are a couple easy tips to make yourself stand out

  • Add a fun signature to every post, such as a quote or link to your favorite youtube video of the day.

  • start or end each post out with a question


Apps, Apps, and more Apps

When they say they have an app for everything, they pretty much do. Apps can help you plan your content, schedule your content, and enhance your content. I mainly use apps for Instagram so here are 4 apps you need now on your phone.

UNUM is great for seeing what your feed will look like before you post a photo on Instagram

Reports+ is great especially if you haven't updated your profile to business on Instagram because you can see how many people have followed you that month and who has unfollowed you. You can also catch those Instagrammers who follow and unfollow people.

VSCO is a great editing app, edit all your photos on that app, and once you find an editing style you like you could edit all your photos the same.

Spark Post is great for making your posts interactive. I like to use them in Insta Stories as a Call to Action to go check out my feed or my link in my bio

Plan your posts

Planning your posts ahead of time will save you the headache of scrambling on trying to scrape something up last minute. Trust me it ain't pretty. There are a number of tools you can use to plan out your social media content. The best way to start out small is to plan out weekly or monthly. But usually either on Friday or Sunday, the week before is a good idea to plan out okay what will post out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for the week. I would advise you to use a google spreadsheet with tabs for each platform and in each sheet have a column for the date, post copy, image/video, any links you will use( especially if you're linking back to your website), and lastly a notes column or hashtag column for Instagram.

I also like to plan out how many times I will post to each social media site for that week, so I'll usually write Post to facebook 3x today, post to Instagram 2x today and add any other notes. In my planner, I use it as an outline for the week.  And then afterward I will go back to my spreadsheet and schedule out what I want for each post. I actually created an easy social media planner that you can get here.


I hope these tips help you up your social media game this year! Let me know if you need help with your social media presence I am offering those services to businesses, click here for more information.

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