A look ahead.

Happy 2019! This year seems like it will be a great year for crushing goals and starting new habits! I know that with the new year many people usually make resolutions and most of the time they don’t keep them. Because resolutions/goals are impossible to keep without a plan and actionable steps needed to achieve said goal. Now before I get into my goals for the new year, I thought I would take a look back at 2018.

2019 ahead.png

As far as my blog, it has grown tremendously since I first started it back in 2017. Initially started it because I finally wanted to have a blog that I was proud of and wouldn’t quite after 2 months. And look at me know its been 2 years so far and I am still chugging along. This year I even switched my blog over from Wordpress to Squarespace in April. I think it was a great move for my blog/business. One thing I never thought I would do, would be to collaborate with brands. In 2018 I collaborated with 4 brands. The brands were Le Tote, Smile Brilliant, Jord watches, and Midori Linea. I didn’t reach out to any of these brands/companies so I think that is pretty cool that they found me. I wonder if I should start reaching out to brands to add more collaborations for you guys.

Aside from my blog, I managed to tie the knot with my husband. We had a magical rustic barn wedding in September. Let me tell you it was the perfect day, at least weather wise it was! It was so nice to see my friends and family travel from near and far to our wedding. After being together for 10 years and engaged for two of them, it was refreshing to finally make the commitment to my best friend. And I ended the year leaving my job and hosting my first Christmas with my family in Chicago! It truly was a challenging year, but I’m glad what the year taught me about myself. The one thing I have learned from 2018 is that I can endure.

And now a look ahead for 2019

When I first wrote this post I started to write my generic career goals. And then I decided I want to really focus on self care this year. The following goals will be for the betterment of my spiritual, physical, and mental state of being.

Attend Church regularly

Last year I found a church in Chicago that I really liked and felt really close to. I didn’t really attend much and really hope to get back into going to Church and being in a place with others that have the same beliefs as myself.

Workout/Eat Healthy

Haha! This one is a popular goal that I know most people have. But as I get older, I become more concerned with what I put in my body and what I do with my body. And frankly I have been pretty sedentary besides walking to the bus stop or walking my dog which isn't really expending a lot of energy. My attainable goals are to workout in anyway 2-3 times a week. Whether that's taking a class at the fancy gym I just signed up at or doing some yoga in my home. Either way exercise will help me feel better and live longer. Now to the hard part, the food. I love sweets and my husband doesn't really care about the health of food. So whenever I don’t want feel like making food Im usually stuck eating some over processed junk, that makes me feel sick and helps pack on the pounds.

journal most mornings

I started to journal in August and it lasted 2 days. I think that Instead I will have a journal next to my bed, so that when I wake up I just go at it. I think it will help me brain dump. I usually can get stressed easily because I have a lot of things on my brain. And I think being able to write it down on a piece of paper, maybe it could help me get through some issues. If not, I’ve been thinking of seeing a counselor. I think it is important to talk to those who are professionals and can help guide your thoughts.

Clean my apartment more frequently.

This past year, our apartment has been a nightmare. I'm normally pretty messy, but adding another person to the mix just is asking for a tornado. This year, I know both my husband an dI want to keep our place cleaner, so that we can come home and relax versus coming home to a mess everyday. Some things I'm doing to help us keep it clean, it decluttering and getting rid of things. The first thing I did was get rid of 2/3 sets of silverware we had. And I finally got rid of our plastic dishes as well. I hope to tackle some more items that we can either throw away or donate. so that we have a more decluttered home.

I’m grateful to see a new year and to be living in a time where I can make my own destiny. I hope everyone else’s 2019 is off to an amazing start. And if you have already fallen short of your goals. Just re-evaluate and create an easy plan that you can follow.