Self-care | the lazy girl edition

The whole buzz around self-care is super popular know. It's not like people haven't been practicing self-care for years, we just decided to make it mainstream. People are working harder and longer than before and sometimes that can have a toll on your physical and mental health. People are turning opportunities down so that they can take a breather and spend time doing things that light them up. Or nothing at all and that is totally fine. If you are like me then sometimes you forget to practice self care or you don't quite know what it means.

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. - the oxford dictionary.

To be clear, self care is not about stressing out about taking care of yourself. Which is why this is all about the lazy girl edition of self care.

Take some gummy vitamins.

I literally hate pills and vitamins. I'm so afraid of swallowing medications that I have in the past opted for the liquid version or the gummy version. Now when I take my vitamins it feels like a treat instead of an annoying chore. Here's a tip: take the prenatal vitamins they include much more per gummy then regular vitamins. And always remember to consult your doctor before taking any new vitamins or supplements.

Wash your face in the shower.

Did I mention how terrible I am at taking care of myself. I remember in college I would wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower. That may seem gross to some of you, but it was honestly easier for me to do it that way. Now as an adult I recently started washing my face in the shower. I use a oil based cleanser so it really works well for me.

Try CBD oil

I recently started taking CBD oil after seeing it everywhere. but I have been feeling more relaxed. But it could be that i'm currently not working for anyone at the moment.

Make a to do list on your phone before you go to bed

If you’re like me then you are on your phone right before you go to bed. I know its not good. But it makes me happy so i'm okay with it. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, make a to do list of things you need for the next day or the week. I was going to insert a quick video tutorial on how I make to do lists on my notes app. But for some odd reason the sound didn’t carry over.

Start saving $$$

I have not been saving as much as I normally would have but in 2017 I started to save mainly because I was taking a trip to universal studios and I needed money to afford to go. I was able to save $1000 in 3 months to pay for my trip there. I think that you should decide how much you could save a month and not feel pressured to save more than you can afford. Even if you save $100 a month, just think 6 months from now you could have $600 saved. Having money saved just is always a good thing to do in case of emergency.

Buy clothes that make you feel comfy and happy.

I have clothes right now in my closet that do not make me feel happy or comfortable. I have even bought clothes that I was not 100% excited about and after watching the show Tidying up with Marie Kondo I am about to do a purge. And from now on you should only buy clothes that you feel comfortable and that you love. Wasting money on clothes that you will either fit into when you lose weight or convincing yourself you might like it more later is a sure way to become a collector of clothes that rarely or never get worn.

Remember self care should not feel like a chore, It should make you feel calm. I would love to know what you do to destress and give your body+mind the care it so deserves!