The perfect everyday watch: Jord Watches


Hey everyone! I am very excited about this blog post! I teamed up with Jord (pronouced Yoad) watches. I will be letting you know what I think about the watches and why I think the one I chose is the perfect watch if your like me and like to keep things casual yet sophisticated. And if you make it to the end of this post you will get a chance to win $100 off one of these amazing watches. There will only be one winner but every one that enters will still get $25 off any purchase in the Jord website. Thats a win win in my opinion. If you have been eyeing these watches or just in the market for a watch , keep reading to find out more.


Believe it or not but I only have one watch besides my apple watch that I wear to work. And to be honest I do not wear that watch anymore. I have been hoping to get a watch that matched my style more.

The watch I choose is the Cassia Zebra & Ivory. I felt that this style was simple yet different enough that I could wear it with anything. It came the best packaging I have ever seen for a watch or any product to be honest. It looks like it was hand crafted with love. It does smell like wood when you first open it, but it is a wood watch. I am so glad I got the zebrawood because it really shows off the wood wonderfully. This watch is so clean and simple in my opinion yet looks absolutely stunning on. You can pair this with about any outfit. You could be going to grab dinner with friends or even just going to work and it instantly elevates your look. I just love this watch and am so happy with my choice. They do offer watches for women and men and apple watch bands. Which I might get an apple watch band next?

These are the best watches for those who want a casual yet classy watch guaranteed to  get a few glances here or there. Now to the part you’ve all been waiting for the giveaway! If you are wanting to try to the Jord watches, click the link below to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to buy a Jord watch! And remember just by entering you automatically get a $25 gift code to spend on the Jord website. The giveaway will end on October 12, 2018!


Ratanya Olaves