It’s my wedding!

So this week has been a worldwind of emotions. aside from being less than a week away from getting married I’ve just been going through a lot. I posted on my personal Facebook this week about how I’ve been feeling. It seems like people who barely know me have been either all up in my business or passing judgment on how I’m doing my wedding.


In the past I wrote a blog post about how I’m not having bridesmaids. I felt I needed to because people were looking at me like I was crazy for not having a wedding party. Excuse me folks there is no where that says must have a wedding party to get married. People obviously elope and get married at the court house and you don’t see them them at the courthouse with a wedding party. It’s like people it’s 2018. 


On the topic of weddings. I have also had the questions asked about why I’m not having a bridal shower or bachelorette party. And to be honest I was sad that I wasn’t having a bridal shower but it just isn’t something I can do. I live in Chicago and my family lives all over but mostly in Florida and I wouldn’t expect them to come up here twice? And as far as a bachelorette party goes. I don’t need one because a marriage is the joining of two people. It’s not all the extra crap we added. Plus I’m having the biggest party of the year aka my wedding where everyone will get to celebrate me and my fiancé! **Actually a few of my coworkers threw me an awesome work bridal shower! It literally touched my heart and I’m so happy to have met such kind people! I added some photos at the bottom of this post of the cake and the cute decorations they did for my desk.


The Last topic that I touched on in my Facebook post was my disgust of people who see me as women with no dreams or ambitious. I know it’s not true but that’s what it felt like. I have already had instances where people literally ask me about wedding planning and then move on to my fiancé and ask him about his job and career goals. Just a news flash if anything I think about my career goals everyday. I plan to be a millionaire pretty soon and to become a successful entrepreneur while having a great impact on the world. I don’t care what my colors are for the wedding. Because newsflash we don’t have colors for my wedding that’s tacky and unnecessary in my opinion. The only thing with color is my bouquet and the table florals. Everything else is just white or earth colors. Just keeping it as simple as possible. Anyway the next time you talk to me or any married woman remember it’s 2018 and women are more than a wedding or whatever. 

Well thanks for hearing my rant in a log post. I realize that the most important thing is that my family and friends know me and care for me. And that’s all that matters.