Top 3 FREE Tools for bloggers/freelancers


Hello lovely readers! I am so excited about this blog post. It is a short but sweet! I love running my blog/business but sometimes it can be hard to find free/cheap tools out there. I have compiled my favorite inexpensive tools that I have used.

1. Canva

Now if you are in the blogging world you may have heard of Canva, If you’re just getting started, boy are you in for a treat. Canva is a free design tool that you can use to create just about anything. So fear not you do not have to know how to use adobe indesign, illustrator or photoshop. All you need is a free account on Canva. You can upgrade to a paid version but I suggest if you are just getting started out to just use the free account. I have used Canva to create all my blog graphics, my logo and my resume and some other collateral.

2. Asana

I just recently jumped on the Asana band wagon. At first I was using Trello, but realized how much I loved Asana. I think it is growth friendly. So like if you decide you need to bring someone on to your team I feel it is much more effective to already have Asana and that way you can assign tasks to certain people. It is basically an all in one project management tool. And the best part about it is that it is FREE!

3. Wave

I haven’t used wave yet but I do believe if you are just starting out and you dont want to pay for any accounting software its the best one out there that I know of that is free. I personally haven’t used it yet, but have heard great things about. You can also invoice clients with it which could come in handy for solopreneurs who want to keep things organized with out having to pay for a accounting software.

4. Slack

Now I technically am a one woman show, so I don’t need Slack for my business. But I have used it in my full time jobs and it is truly amazing. You are able to essentially instant message a team member on your computer or phone. The best part is that it does integrate with a lot of apps out there on the market. I think it is an easy way to stay in contact with your team without having to send unnecessary emails which can get lost of take much longer for people to get back to.

Thats all I have. I told you it would be very quick. Oh and if you have any other apps that you know of that you think I would benefit from please let me know. I love geeking out on new software that makes being a blogger easier.