My Friday Faves, Sept 8 - 14

Happy Friday! Can I just say I love this weather so MUCH! If someone would ask me what my favorite time of the year is, it would be obviously Fall! I am so excited to start this up a sort of round up of the week or month. This will be a short blog post but a fun one, but all my blog posts are fun, right?

  1. Komoda

    My seamstress of whatever you call them for my wedding is located right across the street from the cutest gift shop called Komoda. It is a small business and they carry a ton of fun cute little things that come from local business and just really unique things. I bought a sodalite oil roller from there this past week and some awesome shades.

  2. The NEW iPhone XS

    I am a hardcore apple fan since I received my first iPhone in 2010. Ever since then I have updated my phone every 2 years except last year. I have had my beautifully cracked iPhone 6s plus for 3 years which is crazy for me. I am so ready for a new phone and best believe that by time this blog posts, I would have already preordered my new phone. Anyone else a hardcore fangirl for apple?!

  3. Willamae Boutique

    I love Chicago, but it can be so expensive. Which is why I love my Indiana online boutiques always coming in clutch when I need something at a reasonable price. I just started following Willamae boutique this summer, which is whenI think it launched. They have the most affordable and trendy items that you wont feel bad about buying. And they have free shipping when you spend over $75. They are having a SALE right now and I snagged my self a lovely flowy dress for the fall!

  4. Good Friends

    I always talk about not having good friends. The problem is that I overthink and I do have great friends in Chicago. And my lovely friend Tess just returned from her quick little hiatus due to a bike accident. That girl is my hero and a beautiful intelligent creature. Anyway I am blessed to have such good friends who are not selfish and are true and loyal. I have had issues in the past with making friends mainly because I don’t deal with BS well. Life is short and I don’t want to be around people like that honestly. Cherish your good friends who will be there for you and always willing to share a laugh! I cherish my friends, you know who are and I hope we are friends for a long time