The last 30 days until my wedding

30 day wedding.jpg

Technically the wedding is in about 19 days. But I literally can not believe the countdown is basically in the teens! When my fiance and I got engaged 2 years ago, I never thought this day would come to be completely honest. It felt so far off. Now that it is creeping up on me I (mainly my mom) am making sure we are getting all the baby details or the big details together. I don't know how the timeline should be, but I am just doing the best I can.

One of the first things I did this week was ordered my fiance's tuxedo, well technically a suit! He is renting his tux from the black tux! If you live in Chicago area they provide free in-house measuring so that your rental fits perfect when you receive it! Let's hope it fits him well. Since we are not having a bridal party, it made it really easy to choose a look that will look great on him and not having to worry about fitting other folks, plus it makes it really affordable. We are going really simple with his look since it will be at a barn and my man is too big in fashion.

The next thing I'm doing is looking at the knot website and going through and making sure everything is in order. I swear whoever created the knot website is a genius. I had some issues with some vendors not really getting back to me. I ordered my pajamas slash what I'll wear getting ready the day of.

I also had my makeup trial recently too and I'm glad because I had no idea exactly what I wanted and have never worn false lashes and am glad I know what they feel like so that on the day of my wedding I can feel comfortable wearing them, hopefully! I'm getting a sew in for my wedding because it is just easier, so my hair doesn't start puffing up during the wedding. And I booked a stylist to come to curl my hair the day of! Oh and I need to book my car rental, I think I'll do that tomorrow.

Next up I'm working on packing for my honeymoon and getting a dress for my prenuptial party the day before the wedding! Anyone know of any cute fall flowing white dresses I should buy!

I have had so much fun planning this wedding, I guess the last thing I need to do is write my vows! If you have any advice on what I should be doing these last couple weeks, let me know in the comments.