I'm Ratanya the creative gal behind Bubbly Noel and for as long as I can remember I have always been creating. I vividly remember my beloved sketchbook and selling handmade jewelry to my schoolmates. I have always thought being creative was not a viable career as I didn’t know anyone personally who had pursued it. So here I am finally pursuing my passions to help other businesses launch their dream too!

Here at Bubbly Noel we want you to feel so Bubbly about your brand and website for your business that you cant wait to show it off to everyone. So let’s create something you love!


Are you ready to up-level your brand!


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Fun Facts

Why did you start a design business?

It started as a lifestyle blog, which morphed into a design business. I always knew I was creative and I loved to doodle and draw. It only seemed fitting to make the transition.

Why do you only work on Squarespace?

Because it is what my website is built on and it is honestly the easiest platform for businesses to create beautiful websites! (stress free)

Where are you from?

I was born in Florida but grew up in Alabama and Indiana. But I currently, reside in Chicago.

What is your favorite drink?

Honestly its Kombucha! I cant believe I was so afraid to try it before, now it is my favorite drink.


Moved to Chicago

In September of 2017, I packed up my one bedroom apartment in downtown Indianapolis and moved to Chicago! You can read about my move here!


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