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    Off the shoulder x wedding update

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    Hey, guys, I don’t know about you but I’m so excited that Chicago finally decided to join the fall gang. I am so over that unnecessary heat wave. And I’m ready to cozy up with lots of scarves and blankets and spiders am I cute adorable dog and fiance. But this sort of isn’t a fall-related post.

    Guys it has been over a year and your girl and your boy have finally picked a wedding date and venue! We are literally getting married a year from last weekend 9.29.18. So put it in your calendars and mark it as the best day ever, because it will be next year for me.


    But I’m so excited for my wedding next year and to be walking down the aisle in all white I thought I’d do the most taboo thing I could ever do in style to pull off an off the shoulder look in all white. Yes, you heard me. Fashion has no boundaries and I plan on pushing them.


    What I am wearing is this off the shoulder white dress I got from the Nordstrom rack sale I haven’t worn yet but I’ve been waiting for it to get cool outside so I can wear it and I think this is a perfect fall look. I paired it with my trusty brown leather booties (I got these 2 years ago from Cole Haan) and that is it. I totally would add a denim jacket if I needed more warmth. I have linked similar styles down below. I love keeping things cute and simple, when you are wearing such a pretty white off the shoulder dress like this, I feel like you don’t need to accessorize with it unless that is your style, then by all means accessorize.

    Here I am rocking this off the shoulder dress in essentially my porch area!

    white off the shoulder dress nordstrom


    off the shoulder white dress


    I found some similar options that I have posted down below. Enjoy!


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    What I’ve learned from being engaged for a year


    Hey Everyone, I still can’t believe I’m engaged to my best friend! Especially since we have passed the one year mark of being engaged.

    So last Saturday(7/8) marked my one-year anniversary of being engaged to David.

    To be honest it flew by. I can’t believe a year ago from today I was getting off from a stressful day at work no idea that I would be engaged by the end of the night! I was really glad it happened that day because later that night we were going to go meet my brother for dinner at this really nice Thai place I love in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis).

    Since I have been engaged for 1 year here are things I wished I knew in the beginning.


    • It’s okay to have a long engagement

      • I initially thought we had to be married within the year. Honestly, I was just watching everyone else. I mean sometimes it takes a year and few months or 5 years. If that is the person you love, time should not be a factor.Just do what is best for you.
    •  Book a wedding coordinator

      • I have not booked one yet. But I do plan on booking one as soon as I get a venue and more details lined up. I’m a DIY type of girl, always have been my whole life. I’m usually the one saying I can make that instead of buying it. But on my big day, I don’t want to have to fool with all the details and execution. I want to be able to hand it all over to my coordinator. Which is why I plan on hiring just a day of coordinator or Month of Coordinator. Which I urge you to do as well, you don’t want to have to deal with any mishaps and you can rest assured with a coordinator.
    • It’s okay not to have anything planned

      • Honestly, we have an ideal date and that’s it. Nothing has been booked. It stresses me out that we haven’t booked the venue yet, but it will come. Hey if you’re currently looking at venues I have a post on what to look for when wedding venue shopping here.
    • It is okay to feel confused

      • You may have been pining to be engaged for a while and now that it is here, you may be having pre-wedding cold feet. I get it, you are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, and now you may be thinking about can I actually do this. Especially for me, I’ve never lived with my fiancé so I’m nervous about that but also excited. But if we continue to communicate with each other, I have a feeling everything should be ok.
    • Fiancé still sounds weird

      • I have an earlier post where I explain 5 Things no one tells you about being engaged that you can check out here. It has been a whole year and it still feels weird saying it. Also, does anyone know why it’s the same for both partners? Like before I was his girlfriend and he was my boyfriend. Now we have the same title, but then once we are married it’ll be different again. Does anyone know the history of fiancé?
    • Perfection doesn’t exist

      • I’m not a perfectionist, but strangely when I started planning I became a perfectionist. I wanted everything to be perfect and within the budget. I got so worried about money and my vision to have the perfect whimsical industrial wedding that I became stressed. So I had to step back and remove myself and take a second to breathe. Now I’m taking things as they come and trying not to stress the deets too much.

    If you have any wedding planning questions, I would be happy to answer as best I can. I’m no pro, but I have done a ton of research. Also for those engaged or already married what’s one advice you could tell yourself during the wedding planning process?




    No bridesmaids, No problem

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    What to look for when wedding venue shopping


    “Congratulations on your engagement!”

    You may have received many emails of heard this if you have begun the wedding venue search or just engaged. Let’s be realBeing engaged will be the most exciting and stressful time(it’s impossible to not stress and a little stress is good, right?!). Whether your ballin on a budget or rolling in dough there’s a few things you should know about the Venue Hunt.


    *No matter how rich or poor, everyone has to have a budget.

    Now realize the venue will be the most expensive part of your wedding. Because usually, you need to coordinate ceremony &reception, food, drinks(booze), and etc. And if you’re like me you probably just thought of the big picture, oh girl have a seat there are the teeny tiny details too. So in my usual manner, I will bullet out things to be on the lookout when venue shopping. For the sake of simplicity, I am going to assume you want to do your ceremony and reception at the same place.

    Ceremony & Reception:

    These costs usually will be laid out very clearly, which is where they can trick ya. Most venues had the necessary stuff included, but some don’t so you will need to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask.

    • Tables( round dinner seating, cocktail, cake, guestbook, and gifts, DJ table)
    • Chairs( How many? What type? Chair Cover?)
    • Linens(Standard black and white? Colors?)
    • Security
    • Parking( Are there parking attendants)
    • Set up and tear down of event
    • Length of time can we use the venue
    • Quiet Hours
    • Onsite Coordinator
    • Ceremony Rehearsal
    • Discounts to preferred vendors
    • Venue Liability Insurance
    • A/V System( you’ll thank me for this one)
    • Can my dog be in the wedding
    • Candles/ Sparkler send off
    • Dance Floor

    Catering & Drinks/Bar

    Here’s where most of your money may go.

    • Catering Minimum( my personal favorite)
    • Use of outside vendors( Fee?)
    • Average cost per person for Buffet/Plated
    • Bartender( fee?)
    • Open Bar ( cost per person per hour)
    • Non- Alcoholic Drink Package
    • Bar set up fee
    • Bar Gratuity
    • Cake cutting services
    • Can the caterer make a cake


    Could you envision yourself getting married or having a reception in the venue? If you can’t and feel like the place clashes with your vision or style, don’t do it, no matter how cheap, you’ll feel like you settled and that not a good start to planning your wedding. I have looked at a few venues that are very affordable but I can’t bring myself to even spend money on them. I promise you will find something that you will love. Side note: I’m not saying it will be perfect, but it won’t make you want to gag.

    For me, I cannot do carpet. I don’t like carpet and usually, venues with carpet have crazy designs or outdated carpet that just clashes with my theme.


    Remember to enjoy the process. Remember its all in the name love. Don’t let the little details get you, and remember to stay in your budget, I promise you it’s for one day and not worth blowing your budget, everything can be tailored to fit your dream. Remember you can’t always get what you want, but when you try so hard you get what you can. lol! If you are in the Indy area, if you’re struggling with venue shopping, I can send you some great places I have found.

    ***Let me know if you would like to me to make a Wedding venue worksheet. I’ve been thinking of making one for myself to help me decide on the best venue for me and I would love to share it. And I know there are probably thousands already out there, but mine would be super adorable and uber helpful.



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    5 things no one tells you about being engaged


    So funny thing is I’ve been engaged for about 8 months now, and I have barely scratched the surface of wedding planning. Why? Well at first I immediately started planning but then my fiance and I decided to wait another year so I have plenty to time to plan. But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged.

    But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged.

    1. Once you have changed your status to engaged on Facebook, it knows, because every ad will be wedding focused. And it will be annoying yet great because you’ll probably find some great things or just be overwhelmed with wedding ads.
    2.  Everyone will ask how your fiance proposed. I had a very private spur of the moment engagement. I’m terrible at telling the story because I was so emotional during the proposal. It happened so fast all I can remember is he asked me and I cried a lot. So be prepared to retell it over and over again.
    3. Everyone asks when’s the wedding. I didn’t realize this would be the number one question we would get asked. I’m sorry yesterday I had no idea that I would be engaged today, or if I were going to get Chipotle or Qdoba for dinner.
    4. Paying for a wedding. I cringe when I spend $10 at Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich and grande strawberry acai with light ice. How am I supposed to be able to afford a wedding? More on that in a later post about how to save for a wedding.
    5. Saying, Fiance, is strange and weird and I will probably never get over it. It has been 8 whole months since I have been engaged and it is still a little weird to say. Maybe it’s harder for me since I’ve dated my fiance for 8 years before getting engaged. Don’t expect it to be easy to go from boyfriend to fiance, let’s hope the transition to husband is less weird.

    Congratulations to all the engaged couples and future engaged couples this is literally the happiest and most stressful times of your lives. I had to keep it real for ya on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and happy future wedded bliss!