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    Why blogging is hard

    blogging is hard

    Hey guys! I’ve been blogging for about a year and it’s been a great year. I have learned more than I thought I would learn starting this blog. I know so much about blogging, social media, influencers, and etcetera. But with all this wealth of knowledge, it can be easy to know it but hard to actually do it. And with all the crazy things happening in the blogosphere, it can become quite daunting. At some points I know I was confused as to why am I even doing this. But then I would read about someone who inspires or meet a great group of girls and guys. I know so many people want to start blogs but don’t know if they should or what they have to do, to actually start the dang thing. Well, I’m giving my little bit of why I think blogging is hard.

    First, it takes over your thoughts

    Before blogging my life was all about work, my family, my pup, and food. Oh and friends!  Then once I hit submit on my first blog post I was in it. Every free thought was about oh that could be a great blog post, or how do I create an awesome graphic for my blog and etcetera. I promise you the notes section of your phone will be filled with random thoughts that come to you while you’re at work, walking to the store, eating lunch, or using the bathroom.(we all do it). But its wonderful because I felt like I had my thing, I was no longer just the nice bubbly girl who was obsessed with food and work. I was the girl who was obsessed with food and blogging.

    Second, you feel you’re not good enough

    It may just be me and a million other girls. But I was so happy to start my blog. I was already following a few blogs, but I was never jealous of them of felt I was not good enough. Boy did that change. Next thing I knew I was not publishing content afraid my thoughts and opinions were not as good as the girls I found on Instagram.

    Third, your S.O. may not get it

    My fiance doesn’t really read my blog and that’s fine, he’s not my target audience. But he supports it. He always takes my photos for me and supports me when I tell him, I’m, about to meet a group of girls I met online. He gets it because he’s online too. And if your significant other doesn’t get it, keep doing it, eventually, they will catch on.

    Last but not least, It will be like a second job

    You are going to be working on it at least 5 hours a week. You are going to have to spend money on it if you’re serious about it. But mainly you’re going to love it. Making new friends touching lives and finding something that literally brings you joy is the best thing about blogging. No matter how many times you may fall off, if it keeps coming back to you never give up on your passion.

    Thank you so much for reading on why blogging is hard and totally worth it. Id love to hear anyone else reasons on why they blog or have continued to stick with blogging.


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    Rosa Parks x Birthday

    Everyone knows about Rosa Parks. All She did was refuse to give her seat up for a white man. And the rest was history. I found out that some people did not know that shortly after African American began refusing to ride the bus. This sparked the Montgomery bus boycott that lasted a little over a year. Due to the Montgomery bus boycott, the supreme court got rid of segregation on the bus systems. Yay!

    Now today is a special day for me, and no its not because of the super bowl LII. It is because it is my 26th birthday and I share this day with my hero Rosa Parks. Although she was just an ordinary seamstress, she inspires me that one small action can have a ripple effect even years after youve passed.

    Last year I made a post about 25 things to do while your 25. Im pretty positive I didnt finish it, but heres an update on how much I accompished in year 25.

    1. Travel outside the US
    2. Work out 5 days in a row 
    3. Read more books
    4. Join a group/club outside of work
    5. Volunteer more than once technically I volunteered once, but im counting it
    6. Save $1000 or more save $1000, then had to spend it immediately
    7. Eat ice cream for dinner or breakfast or anytime too easy
    8. Do something cool for your parents
    9. Learn a new skill/language learned photography
    10. Do a Pinterest Project and nail it literally every meal i make is from pinterest and ive nailed them all!
    11. Design something Designed all my Pinterest pins
    12. Say No when you feel pressured to say Yes I just know ive done this
    13. Give a speech
    14. Try a new type of food Had a quiche today!
    15. Drink only water for a day, plus food
    16. Say yes to the Dress or any dress Jan 20, 2018
    17. Eat terrible food and not feel guilty afterward
    18. Do two things that scare you the most Move to Chicago, start photography
    19. Do 3 things you’ve always wanted to do move to Chicago, join junior league of Chicago, and something else
    20. Write a letter to a state official on a matter you care about
    21. Go a week without makeup
    22. Run a 5k
    23. Learn how to code. ex: HTML and CSS
    24. Visit HarryPotter world
    25. Write a book

    Thanks for reading! Happy Birthday to all the February babies!


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    The 5 Best Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs

    The past year I got really into listening to podcasts at work. It was mainly because I was becoming bored with listening to music and I felt like I was not getting anything out of it. I am so glad I discovered podcasts.

    I started out with listening to Girl Boss Podcast, unfortunately, she went on a hiatus and I was searching for other podcasts similar to hers. And boy do I have a solid list of podcasts.

    These are all by women business owners. This is not by mistake. I purposely only sought out women podcasters that spoke about any and everything in regards to business. As I became obsessed with entrepreneurship and wanted to learn any and everything about it.

    So Let’s dive into why these are my holy grail of awesome boss women podcasters.


    goal digger podcast

    The Goal Digger Podcast

    By Jenna Kutcher

    She is a powerhouse speaker. Jenna was miserable working in corporate America when she bought a camera and decided to be a wedding photographer to escape her corporate life. And she has never looked back. Jenna’s podcast packs a lot of inspiration, self-love and actionable business tips.



    Strategy hour podcast

    The Strategy Hour Podcast

    By Abigail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams

    This has to be my favorite one. It is hosted by Emylee and Abigail the owners of Think Creative Collective. They have a great dynamic, and I am usually left laughing along with them. If you’re looking for great business advice with amazing strategy behind every tip, listen to the strategy hour podcast.



    girl boss radio

    Girl Boss Radio

    By Sophia Amoruso

    Sophia has a best selling book by the same name “Girl Boss’’. Her podcast is all about interviewing literal Girl Bosses, who have done extraordinary things. Girl Boss radio is a great inspiring podcast



    the skinny confidential him and her podcast

    The Skinny Confidential

    By Lauryn and Michael Bosstick

    I love this Podcast. It’s a great dynamic between husband wife. The skinny confidential is all about living your best life. They interview anyone influencers to authors.



    pursuit with purpose

    Pursuit with Purpose

    By Melissa Griffin

    Melissa is a million dollar business owner. Her podcast is all about slowing down and realizing what makes you happy. She interviews business owners

    I hope you enjoyed this list and found some great podcasts to listen to. Also, let me know your favorite podcasts. I love finding new podcasts to listen to.

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    Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager

    With the age of the internet, more and more online companies and businesses are online now more than ever. And many of these businesses are a solo-entrepreneur and/or small business owners. As a small business, there does come a time where it is hard to handle everything by yourself. Unfortunately, the overhead of hiring a full-time or part-time employee is expensive and can be a headache. You are usually obligated to offer benefits such as PTO, healthcare, and etc. The alternative option is to hire a Virtual Assistant or VA to help you out.

    Now you may be wondering what is a VA? A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor that can provide assistant to businesses remotely. The great thing is you can hire one for a single task or ongoing projects. You can hire a VA for any task in your business that you do not have time to accomplish or just are not great at doing.

    Here is a list of things a VA can do.

    • Email Management
    • Calendar Management
    • Data Entry
    • Social Media Management
    • Marketing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Travel arrangement
    • Event Coordination
    • Graphic Design
    • Copywriting
    • Customer Service
    • Research

    Here are a few reasons why you should hire a VA.

    To make more money:

    Hiring a VA can free up a lot of your time so that you can spend it on the other parts of your business that makes you money. Maybe you want to launch a new product but you still have to deal with updating your social media, writing blog posts, and responding to email inquiries. With a VA they would take care of those tasks, while you work on launching your new product or service.

    To have more time:

    The older you get you realize how fast time goes by and how much it actually means to you. Having a business isn’t rewarding if you are still always working, you should be able to spend time with the people in your life or take time for yourself. Imagine what you could do with a few extra hours in the day. Maybe you could take a new workout class or meet up with a friend for lunch. Time is life. In the end, you don’t want to be thinking that you didn’t have time for this or that. Make time hire help in your business.

    To make you feel official:

    This one might be a weird one. But once you add a member to your team, especially a Virtual Assistant it kind of makes you feel like a real-life business. It’s not just you out there hustling, you have someone else supporting you and hopefully rooting for your continued success in business. After you hire your first VA you know that your business must be doing well that you had to hire someone to help you.

    I hope this helped you decide if hiring a VA is right for you.

    If you are in the market to hire a Virtual Assistant or want to chat about how I can help your business grow please reach out to me here or here.



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    5 Reasons Why I Love Fall

    fall favorites

    About to watch Riverdale Season 2!!!

    Fall is my favorite season, it always has been. I loved the crisp leaves and the cool fall breeze. I cant be the only one who was obsessed with going back to school, especially back to school shopping. Fall is such a great time which is why I made sure I get married in the fall. I love fall so much I had to write a whole post about it.

    I’m sharing the 5 reasons why I love fall and why you should too.

    Fall is a gateway season into the Holidays

    I am a total sucker for the holidays. I love spending time with those that I love and I feel people are usually the nicest during the prequel to Thanksgiving and Christmas.But let’s be honest Halloween is the best. Hocus Pocus anyone.

    Fall fashion is the coziest

    Don’t get me wrong the summer is great and all, but I hate sweating. I like my body temperature to be at a nice comfortable temperature. Which is why I love fall weather. The weather is cool and breezy and you can layer up as much as you need to, to have the ideal body temp. I have linked a few of my favorite fall trends. (all from TJ Maxx)

    Time to start fresh

    I always associate Fall as a time to start fresh maybe its because I spent 17 years of my life in school. every fall we start a brand new school year, which I have ingrained in my mind that fall is the start of a new school year or a time to start fresh.

    Fun Fall activities

    I haven’t been able to do a lot of the #basic fall activities that I want to do, but this weekend I will partake in a mini shopping spree for my new job that I start on Monday.  Here are all the fall activities I want to partake in.

    • carving or painting pumpkins
    • apple picking
    • corn maze and/or haunted house
    • classic scary movies
    • binge-watching Season 2 of Stranger Things on 10.27
    • spending time with my fiance


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    Fashion or Lifestyle Blogger?

    lifestyle fashion blogger

    Currently watching New Girl Season 5 EP 20

    I’m, not a fashion blogger or a food blogger or any niche. Whew glad I got that out there. Now that doesn’t mean I hate fashion or food because all my money usually goes to food and clothes anyway. But I was writing a fashion blog post and it didn’t feel like me, it felt fake or forced. I felt that I needed to say this for myself. I have been on this journey on what it is I want to write about and sadly I haven’t quite found it yet. But that doesn’t mean I need to give up, I’m going to keep on chugging. I chose lifestyle blogger because I felt it best describes me. I love sharing my life with others. You can usually find me oversharing too much with people I barely know, and then later regretting oversharing with complete strangers. But if I am going to be a blogger, it is totally fine for me to overshare my life with others. With this whole new outlook on my blog/brand. I do plan on doing a bit of rebranding or actually branding in the first place.

    I notice that a lot of lifestyle bloggers usually are mostly fashion + lifestyle bloggers. And I was thinking I must be too. I only thought that because I love fashion just as much as anything so it only made sense for me to write about it. But then I began writing about it and it just did not feel right. That does not mean I won’t ever post about an awesome pair of boots or dress I love because I will. I’m realizing what I enjoy posting on my blog and what I don’t.

    I chose lifestyle blogger because I felt it best describes me. I love sharing my life with others. You can usually find me oversharing too much with people I barely know, and then later regretting oversharing with complete strangers. But if I am going to be a blogger, it is totally fine for me to overshare my life with others. With this whole new outlook on my blog/brand. I do plan on doing a bit of rebranding or actually branding in the first place.

    The internet is oversaturated with lifestyle bloggers and I get that. But that doe not mean I cant join them. I am completely different than the thousand other lifestyle bloggers in Chicago. I have my own unique view and voice that no one else has. So this is a quick and short post but I am going to stick to my subheader and brand myself as a creative lifestyle blogger. No, I’m not going to be showing you how to do the next greatest craft. But I can assure you that my content will be unique and different and honestly me. I have never been one to stick to one thing or one niche. I like many things and I enjoy dabbling into new and exciting avenues. I am even thinking of getting back into photography.

    To conclude this blog post that honestly doesn’t make any sense. Be ready to hear more from the blog. I will be ramping up my content and I will be changing it up a bit to align up well with me. I do not have a niche and that is okay because I’m not that kind of girl.



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    First week in Chicago

    Guys, I made it through my first week in Chicago. Pop the bubbly, because this girl is now a true city girl. If you didnt know I moved to Chicago check out my previous blog post here.

    Last Saturday I sold my car, packed up the budget truck with all my crap and headed to Chicago with my future husband and my dog. Let me tell you it was no easy day. The day was off to a rocky start due to the fact that I was supposed to sell my car Friday night, but couldn’t because my dad was on the title as well. It took us 6 hours total to pack up my stuff and my fiance’s  stuff. We didn’t arrive in the city until 9:30 pm, yeah with a large moving truck and a whiny dog. Luckily I knew about this app that will provide you with movers, it’s kind of like Uber for moving. The app is Dolly. And let me tell you those two guys who showed up to help us unload were literal definition of Superman. With their help, we moved everything in, in under an hour. My mind was blown and my pockets were empty because I tipped them so well.

    week in chicago

    So like I said it has been 7 whole days since I moved to the lovely neighborhood of wicker park/noble square. We are like on the outskirts of both wicker part and noble square. But I just say we live in wicker park.

    This week has consisted of me unpacking(barely) working from home, job interviews, and figuring out the train system aka the “L”. I never have to worry about having to leave my car anywhere because I’m too drunk because I don’t have a car.  I also managed to squeeze in a social event. I attended a SHOPBUZZED event. I have been following them on Instagram for the past few months and totally in awe of their business and how they believe in #collaborationovercompetition. Anyway, the event was held at the Otto Mezzo bar(It gave serious gatsby vibes) in Chicago, the event included 6 amazing vendors. I ultimately ended up only buying one thing. Hey, I just moved my cash flow is kinda low. I bought a t-shirt from Chloe’s Cravings one of the co owners of Shopbuzzed, she has her own tee shirt business. It’s totally casual and aesthetic af.  I managed to make a couple of friends(i think) with two sisters.

    I also managed to attend the Renegade Craft fair, which was amazing. It had a lot of handmade products by independent businesses. I opted to just buy a delicious piece of praline sweet potato pie. It was so delicious. I washed it down with an almond horchata drink!

    Praline Sweet Potato Pie, justice of the pies

    So like most of my blog posts, I am making a list because I love lists.

    I thought I’d do 7 things I have learned from moving from Indianapolis to Chicago.

    1.  Have 2 – 3 people help you move. It was just me and my fiance and we were so tired by the end of the day.

    2. Hire movers from Dolly. You can hire people for a time period which is the easiest option in my opinion.

    3. There are a lot of food places. I knew this but I have to stop myself from eating out every day.

    4. You really do not need a car. I have been carless for 1 week and I have been pretty okay without it, we will see how I feel once winter comes.

    5. This goes along with #4 but parking is a bear. My fiance had his car here for a month and he had to keep up with trying to move his car due to street cleaning. He already received a ticket because he didn’t move his car for street cleaning. It was too much of a hassle that we both decided to go sans car.

    6. The walk score is amazing. Well at least in wicker park it is. I can walk to grocery stores, tons of restaurants, and gyms. I have never been so close to so many different places that I can walk to.

    7. Last but not least, living in the city is the best. I finally live in a city where everything is here.


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