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    Thick thighs don’t save lives



    With the temperature rising and summer fast approaching, I thought it only appropriate to dive into an issue that isn’t really talked about “Thigh Chafing“. After the whole thigh gap phase, people decided to spread self-love to those who do not have natural skinny thighs and started saying thick thighs save lives. I was team thigh gap only for one reason, it meant that those with thigh gaps don’t have to suffer the physical pain of chafing, or having to prematurely throw out your favorite pair of jeans over and over again because your thighs rub a hole in the crotch area. Or having to pull your shorts out of your crotch every five seconds while walking. But the worst problem with having thick thighs is chafing and how painful it can be. I love my thighs but they cause me so much pain. Which is why I decided to share two simple tips to combat chub rub when wearing shorts and dresses during the summer.



    One day I thought I wondered if my deodorant would help my legs glide smoothly versus chaffing up a storm. And man does it work. If you are going out in the summer with your daisy dukes on rub some deodorant between thighs before you jet out the door, seriously you can thank me later. Don’t forget to carry a stick deodorant with you so you can reapply throughout the day.



    Where have you been all my life? It’s better than having to wear spandex shorts or tights all the time and honestly, the lace ones can look really sexy.( wink wink) The ones I have are brown lace to match my skin tone and they have the no-slip silicone around the top and bottom of it so that you don’t have to worry about them rolling up or down. I’ve worn mine twice and the first day I wore them I was driving on a hot day and getting in and out of my car and walking around and they didn’t budge. I honestly forgot they were there. I only had to make sure of crossing my legs since my dress was on the short side, didn’t want people knowing my secret. But too late because the cat is out of the bag. You could also wear them with shorts for a sexy edgy look. Bandelettes are the true hero of this blog post and I hope that women around the world who suffer from chaffing can now live more carefree and stress-free lives with the aid of a pair of bandelette.

    #Bandelettes Save Thick Thighs!

    *Comment if you have any other hacks and tips that you use to save thick thighs from chafing.



    How to start a lifestyle blog.

    how to start a blog

    This Post may contain affiliate links.

    It is unbelievable the number of people blogging these days! Especially regular people like me, lol! I have read that its never too late to start a blog even a successful blog, as long as you have a passion and ambition to get it starting. But l bet you have no idea how to start your blog.

    Whether you want to blog for a hobby or to blog to full-time income. I’m here to show you exactly I how I created my blog in less than ten minutes in 7 easy steps.

    Step 1. Sign up for Bluehostbluehost

    Why Bluehost, because out of all the research I did, it seemed liked the most successful bloggers recommend Bluehost the most. And you also might be saying can’t I just sign up for a free website, and yes you most definitely can. But if you want your blog to make any income you should self-host on a platform like Bluehost. Hosting means you in a sense own the content that you push out and it is much easier to make money hosting, versus using a free platform where the site owns your content.

    There are 3 plans to choose from I chose the basic plan mainly because I’m just starting out.

    Step 2. Choose a Free domain name

    Bluehost gives you the option to choose a Free domain name, or use and existing one. If by chance you are struggling with coming up with a name, a pop-up should appear where you can choose a domain name later, they will give you a credit.


    Step 3. Fill Out Account/Package Information

    This step is pretty self-explanatory. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

    bluehost bluehost bluehost

    Step 4. Install WordPress

    You will create a password and then be able to login to your new Bluehost account. Then after you log in you will be on the homepage where you will finally download WordPress.

    You will clink on the orange icon labeled “Install WordPress”, located under website. Then on the next screen, you will need to click start.


    Step 5. Finishing Touches

    Next, it will have you fill out your domain name and site information, then you will have an admin URL and username and password and will be able to log into it.

    The admin login page will look like this


    Step 6. Pick a theme

    You can choose from the numerous free and paid themes on the marketplace, or you can use the theme I am currently using. And the best part is it is only $22 bucks.

    Step 7. Catch Emails  

    Why not kill two birds with one stone. Get an email list. I use MailChimp because it’s free. Once my blog grows more I will upgrade maybe to Convertkit I hear way too many good things about it. But for now, Mailchimp will suffice if you are on a budget.

    *I would be glad to answer any questions if you get stumped during the process. Happy blog making.


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    Weekend Trip to NYC

    Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of embarking on my first mom and daughter trip to the Big Apple aka NYC. It’s only fitting as this is my Mom’s 25 year of being my mom.

    We flew Delta Airlines, definitely not United(haha)even though I hear they are offering up to $10,000 to any passenger in the case of an overbooked flight.

    Upon arriving in the city that never sleeps we arrived at the Park Central Hotel at 10:30 am ish our room wasn’t going to be ready until later that afternoon. So to the City.

    Here’s our Hotel:

    Park Central Hotel


    Park Central Hotel

    Park Central Hotel

    We originally had a plan to see the statue of liberty, empire state building and possibly a museum. We ended up only seeing the Empire State Building in the rain and cold.We tried getting to the statue of liberty twice, but like life, it didn’t work out the way we wanted.

    The view from the tip top of the Empire State Building.

    Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building  Empire State Building


    One of my favorite parts of NYC is Chinatown, and apparently, my mom’s too. While in Chinatown we stumbled into a Korean restaurant called To Two Boonsik. It was delicious and reasonably priced. We also got some bubble tea, and gelato from little Italy as well.

    To Two Boonsik

    Korean Food

    To Two Boonsik

    Korean Food


    Later that night we went to Times Square to do touristy things like take pictures and eat deliciously overpriced tacos.

    Time Square


    I saw my first Broadway play! It was called Natasha, Pierre and the great comet of 1812. I highly recommend it. Josh Groban is in it and obviously, he sang just perfect. The play wasn’t what I was expecting it was unique and interactive. This was such a vibrant play, that I was shocked and pleased the entire time.


    Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

    Since our hotel was so close to Central Park we took a brief stroll, it was too cold to walk for too long and ended up walking to a Thai restaurant near our hotel. The food was amazing the service was eh.

    Central ParkCentral Park

    TL: DR

    New york is freaking amazing obviously. We did touristy things. And we ate tacos, Thai food, andKorean food mostly. It was also was very rainy and cold:( Taxi drivers are rude in NYC, thank you Lyft for coming to our aide. And I had a lot of fun with my favorite Mom!