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    Fabfan Friday #2

    Hey, hope everyone had a great week! Here the second edition of Fabfan.


    1.Dear White People

    I have been waiting for this show to come out for so long. I really enjoyed the movie, and am happy to see more shows that represent people similar to me.

    2. 360 Wigs

    I love my natural hair, but sometimes you just want to take a break and just wake up with perfect hair. I have been researching non-stop to find a good company. The reason I’m looking for a 360 Wig is that it has lace around the perimeter of the head for a natural look if you want to pull it up in a ponytail. So far I like WowAfrican, which I have bought from before(great hair) and OMGQueenhair which I haven’t bought from before but am seriously thinking about it due to their more affordable price.

    3. Soft Black Girls

    I recently came across this magical website called Adorned by Chi thanks to the Instagram gods and decided to join her Facebook group full of beautiful soft black girls. And even though we are all weird and different I have never felt so happy to see that there are other girls like me. Check out Adorned by Chi online store full of cutesy and awesome finds, I plan on buying a shirt from her online store very soon.

    4. Podcasts

    I recently realized podcasts are great to listen to. My new job requires me to drive a lot and listening to music gets tiresome. But listening to Podcasts are much more interesting and stimulating in my opinion, especially for a long drive. I’ve been listening to NPR, Black Girl Boss Podcast, and Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci. Go check them out, or find ones you might like!



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    Fabfan Friday

    fabfan friday

    I created my first email account when I was about 13 years old. I had no idea what I wanted my fist email to be, so I searched online for name ideas and somehow came up with fabfan04. The 04 is because that’s my favorite/lucky number.

    So I decided to start a weekly thing where I list four things I am a fabfan of! See get it!

    Here we go:

    13 reasons why

    At first, I wanted to have a whole post dedicated to this show but I thought a quick little blurb would suffice. SPOILERS!! just kidding.  If you havent watched this show, stop and clear your schedule for the next 13 hours. I didnt know what to expect from this show, but I had no idea that It would affect me so much. Reach out to your friends and let them know you care and love them.


    Girl Boss

    So for the past few months I have been obsessed with any and everything related to paving a way to being a #girlboss! I started listening to Sophia Amoruso podcast #girlboss and a Netflix original show based on her was released today Friday April 21st! I’m over the moon excited to watch it, let me know if you like it or not.


    New York City

    This weekend Ill be in in NYC with my mom just for a random getaway! This is my second time in the city, the first time was for mainly volunteer work. Hopefully I will get to see the empire state building this time. I might post a blog of my weekend adventures in New York!


    Despacito [REMIX]

    This week while traveling for work I heard Justin Bieber singing a song I hadn’t heard before and then next thing I knew he was singing in Spanish, and I immediately fell in love with the song. The original song is by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. Go Listen to it Now! I know I’ll be listening to it on repeat!


    And that’s a wrap! See you next Friday for my next Fabfan post. Let’s hope I keep this up. What would you want to read/ hear/ know from me!



    20 somethings guide to living alone

    So I have been successfully living alone for the past year and a half! Most people assume I live with my Fiance, well I don’t at least not yet.  I made the conscious decision to live alone after I had a not so pleasant experience living with an old friend, in the end I lost a friend and all hope in having a roommate ever again. This is my guide to living alone in your 20s.

    Choose a place where you will feel safe coming home at 2 am in the morning or walking your dog at 2 am in the morning. I live downtown which is notorious for being unsafe for a woman to living along. I managed to pick a residential neighborhood full of rich yuppies with a random 100-year-old apartment building smacked dab in the middle of it. Maybe that’s why the house across the street has not sold yet.

    Always let someone know when you’re coming and going. When I was in high school I hated telling my mom where I was going, because It was none of her business. Well actually it was, and I know she just wanted me to be safe. Now as a mid 20something living alone, there is no one waiting for you to come home, so no one will notice is you show up missing. Which is why I stay in contact with my fiance, and tell him what im doing almost all the time. Another great hack is to download find my friends and have someone you trust to know where you are by tracking your phone. It sounds stalkerish but it could save your life, so your welcome.

    Adopt a Pet. Im going to get real with yall and saying living alone can get crazy lonely and boring. So adopting a pet seems like the obvious choice, whether its a dog(my personal fav), cat or iguana, they make you feel less alone. Side note: you still are alone but you have a trusty sidekick who willl love you for infinity and beyond, like way beyond. I have been blessed to have a loving 9 year old yorkie. Dont get a yorkie unless youre prepared to live with a very hyper needy dog. But I love him anyway. If you have a busy lifestyle the best bet is a cat they usually can take care of themselves and dont require as much attention as dogs do.

    Last but not least is have fun living alone. Since you dont have to worry about a roommate or partner anything you do in your place is your decision. So walk around pantless! Decorate your living room the way you want to. And watch as much Netflix as humanly possible! You will eventually maybe



    5 things no one tells you about being engaged


    So funny thing is I’ve been engaged for about 8 months now, and I have barely scratched the surface of wedding planning. Why? Well at first I immediately started planning but then my fiance and I decided to wait another year so I have plenty to time to plan. But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged.

    But here are 5 things I wished I knew before getting engaged.

    1. Once you have changed your status to engaged on Facebook, it knows, because every ad will be wedding focused. And it will be annoying yet great because you’ll probably find some great things or just be overwhelmed with wedding ads.
    2.  Everyone will ask how your fiance proposed. I had a very private spur of the moment engagement. I’m terrible at telling the story because I was so emotional during the proposal. It happened so fast all I can remember is he asked me and I cried a lot. So be prepared to retell it over and over again.
    3. Everyone asks when’s the wedding. I didn’t realize this would be the number one question we would get asked. I’m sorry yesterday I had no idea that I would be engaged today, or if I were going to get Chipotle or Qdoba for dinner.
    4. Paying for a wedding. I cringe when I spend $10 at Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich and grande strawberry acai with light ice. How am I supposed to be able to afford a wedding? More on that in a later post about how to save for a wedding.
    5. Saying, Fiance, is strange and weird and I will probably never get over it. It has been 8 whole months since I have been engaged and it is still a little weird to say. Maybe it’s harder for me since I’ve dated my fiance for 8 years before getting engaged. Don’t expect it to be easy to go from boyfriend to fiance, let’s hope the transition to husband is less weird.

    Congratulations to all the engaged couples and future engaged couples this is literally the happiest and most stressful times of your lives. I had to keep it real for ya on the blog. Thanks for stopping by and happy future wedded bliss!