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March 2017


    Spring Forward in Criss Cross Tops

    Does it feel like Spring? Maybe just a tad I’m not too sure. Well, it is almost here!

    Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year, in college I knew it was approaching spring when everyone was outside playing frisbee or catch or when all the fraternities blasted music on my walk back to my dorm. Anyway, that’s in the past.

    Spring is amazing because all winter we were bundled up in a cocoon now we can emerge like the beautiful butterflies that we are and flutter our wings and fly.

    Onto the real reason for this blog post, I have been wanting to do a review on this amazing top I purchased from my friend Emily, she has her own online boutique which features affordable trendy styles. I bought this a few weeks ago on her 1 year anniversary of having her boutique. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful blues and the Crisscross opening.

    When I received my package it came with a free pair of white druzy earrings(i wear them every day now) and a thank you card and what I assume is a business flyer, all in all, it is phenomenal branding. I got a size medium and it fits perfectly. I will definitely be wearing it more now that the weather should be getting warmer.

    Spring Dixie mixed print top

    Spring Dixie mixed print top

    Spring Dixie mixed print top


    Unfortunately, this top is sold out but there are more amazing items you can find at the HiddenGem.



    Unfulfilled Potential

    99% of the time I don’t do things out of sheer fear. I think of what will people say and think of me if I do this or that. I go through every possible negative situation that can come about from me being true to myself and letting my light sparkle. Who am I to tell myself that I can’t do something because of fear of others’ opinions and judgments. Well, I need to stop thinking that way, I’ll never get anywhere in life if I’m worried about what someone else might think. We are our biggest hindrances. If there’s anyone who judges me the most it is myself. It is my deeply rooted insecurities that I have about myself.

    In the past, I would say I need to move past my insecurities. But you cannot move past something that you’ve carried with you for years. Instead, you must face it head on like the beast it is. I have all this unfulfilled potential and I’ve kept it hidden because of fear. I can no longer live my life in fear because I will never progress to the person I want to be, and who I know I am supposed to be. I’ve known for some time that I am meant for greatness. I don’t know what it is, but If I don’t try I’ll never know.


    How do you face this crazy thing called fear:

    In order to move past our fears, you must write down all the things in your life that have stopped you from being the best you.Whether it be your weight, or your confidence with speaking to people, or just too nervous to ask that certain person out on a date. Write down anything that has hindered you from doing the things that you wished you could do.

    Now go tell someone you trust about your fears and tell them that you don’t want to be weighted by your fears anymore and you wanted to let someone know. You cannot do anything in life alone, so letting someone know keeps you accountable to actually stop letting fear run/ruin your life.

    After you tell someone your fears and that you do not want to continue to live in fear, go out and conquer them. Like Shia Labeouf said just do it, don’t let your dreams be dreams. Everyone needs a little bit of motivation and Shia Labeouf does an excellent job at it, it’s a bit comical but what he says in that green screen video speaks volumes for all the people who have Done it.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you see what I did there. Maybe your fears are too deep for you to solve on your own, maybe you need someone to help you get through it. I would suggest someone who has gone through similar obstacles. Maybe you have a friend or family member or you look up to or a favorite blogger who’ve you’ve come to admire. If your religious /spiritual I would suggest reaching out to a fellow member and/or maybe reading the bible for inspiration and lessons on fear. When in doubt always, always ask for help because we are all here to help each other be our best self.

    To all my fellow friends and family members out there who are letting their fears get in the way of what you want to do, take a leap of faith and know that you never know if you don’t try. And remember that you are never alone.




    New look, same me

    Hey, everyone! As you can probably tell my blog looks a little different! I’m so excited to be starting this new journey to building my blog/brand. I wanted to share with you that I will be taking a bit for me to update the blog, just due to some unforeseen technical difficulties. But I am slowly getting it together thanks to the help of Bluehost which is whom I’m using to host my blog! Check them out they are really great.

    Anyway just to re-update you if you’ve never read anything from me what I am hoping to do with my blog is to inspire, share my thoughts, my journey, and my favorite things! I sure do look forward to this new life adventure that I am starting.



    Virtual Vision Board

    With Spring brings the opportunity for new beginnings and new goals. Every spring I re-evaluate my goals I initially set in January and see how many I’ve hit and how I can change them to better suit myself at this point in time. My big picture goals stay the same for the most point, but with every season the steps I take to reach them are ever changing usually for the better, but not always. Hey, I’m only human I can’t be perfect, and I never try anyway. I thought I should make a Vision Board to see my goals, unfortunately, I don’t have any supplies, so I thought why not make one digitally.

    For those of you who don’t feel like making actually physical vision board here’s my take on vision boards virtually!


    Virtual Vision Board Idea #1


    Back in the day, Pinterest was everyone’s dream of finding ways to be creative, without having to creative yourself. Now I see it as a Virtual Vision Board. Make a board with all the things you want to see culminate this year, this month or later down the road. Here check out my Virtual Vision Board I made for inspo.

    Virtual Vision Board Idea #2


    I struggle to stay on task with my goals. So a great way is to post to FaceBook. Let’s say you want to save 1,000 in six months. Tell your facebook family and friends and update them, so they can hold you accountable. Update monthly with your progress of how you are doing. you never know but people will be watching especially your parents(at least mine would).

    Virtual Vision Board Idea #3

    Word, Publisher, Paint, Picmonkey

    If you are like me then you have no physical pictures, printer or feel like buying a poster board, maybe make one on your computer with what you have. Peruse the internet to find great acclamation words, inspirational quotes and photos you like and organize them on Word, Publisher, Paint, Photoshop( i don’t have photoshop yet, I’m too cheap), Canva, or Picmonkey.

    Hey, hope you are inspired to make your own Virtual vision board for all you who don’t have time,  money or patience to make one physically.