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February 2017


    Why you should go buy thank you cards… Now!

    I would like to thank everyone for helping me realize my dreams.

    Awhile ago like the beginning of January, i purchased some Thank you cards from Tj max. The reason was so that I can thank all the people who’ve helped me recently.The past few months have been pretty good for me. I have had complete strangers really show that there are still so many kind people out there and it really touched me so I wanted to show my gratitude.

    Funny thing is that I used to think of thank you cards for sending after a huge life event, such as a wedding, graduation or birth of a baby. But thank you cards can be to thank anyone for anything, no matter how big or small.

    I challenge you to send a card or message or anything nice to someone who has helped you out when they didn’t have to.

    If you are in the market for thank you cards and don’t need many, I would definitely hit up your local Tj Maxx, marshall or Ross. Also, Im pretty sure Target has some really cute ones. I got mine for a whopping $3.99!img_0314

    **I’m going to continue to keep uploading posts and improving my content to where I want it to be, but I appreciate the support and any feedback. Thanks for reading




    25 Things to do when you’re 25!

    No one tells you how fast it happens. One moment you’re 18 and then BOOM, “well hello there 25”. So let me see that’s 1, 2… 5 years left until I’m 3o. Well, at least I’d be thirty flirty and thriving. That’s a 13 going on 30 movie quote. Sorry Grandma I’m still not pregnant, and won’t be for awhile. I have way too much to accomplish and save honestly.

    So I remember other bloggers doing like 1001 things to do before 25. Well, heres my take on it.


    Here are 25 things to do while 25. * Ratanya Style*

    *Updated as of 7/20/2017

    1. Travel outside the US
    2. Work out 5 days in a row
    3. Read more books
    4. Join a group/club outside of work
    5. Volunteer more than once
    6. Save $1000 or more
    7. Eat ice cream for dinner or breakfast or anytime
    8. Do something cool for your parents
    9. Learn a new skill/language
    10. Do a Pinterest Project and nail it
    11. Design something
    12. Say No when you feel pressured to say Yes
    13. Give a speech
    14. Try a new type of food
    15. Drink only water for a day, plus food
    16. Say yes to the Dress or any dress
    17. Eat terrible food and not feel guilty afterward
    18. Do two things that scare you the most
    19. Do 3 things you’ve always wanted to do
    20. Write a letter to a state official on a matter you care about
    21. Go a week without makeup
    22. Run a 5k
    23. Learn how to code. ex: HTML and CSS
    24. Visit HarryPotter world
    25. Write a book

    All right now go be free and flutter your wings and make your own list of things you want to before your next birthday!